Modeling Simulation


Mathematical modeling of helicopter and fixed wing UAVs is a critical step in synthesizing stable and high performance control systems. Pulse’s engineering staff is experienced in formulating dynamics models based upon one, or a combination, of the following data types:

  • Customer-provided wind tunnel data
  • Flight test data
  • Standard stability and control derivatives
  • Physics based model utilizing aircraft geometry, and physical information

The final models are generated in a Matlab/Simulink environment where controller synthesis and simulation of the closed loop system can be analyzed. In addition, the model can be imported to a visual flight simulation environment for further exploration.


The controller synthesis process is what separates Pulse Aerospace from other flight control system providers. Flight controllers are synthesized in the Matlab/Simulink™ environment using a combination of H∞ and classical control methods. H∞ is an area of control theory that allows us to produce robust multivariable controllers in a repetitive and consistent manner. The process has been proven for over a decade to simplify and formalize control problems, such as those found in helicopters, where multi-axis coupling and high sensitivity are present.

Multivariable Controller

Controller Simulation


Controller simulations are performed to verify acceptable performance (gust rejection, step-input response, noise attenuation, etc.). Once the controller meets our performance standards, it can be implemented into the flight critical firmware suite and loaded onto the autopilot’s flight computer for flight verification and checkout.


The final step in the FCS development process is the flight validation testing, procedures development, and training. The first is essentially a check-out flight to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the system performance. We have access to airspace in Kansas, where we can conduct flight tests and training. In addition, we regularly perform off-site training and flight validation at a location of your choosing. Pulse provides significant experience in the development of flight manuals, procedures, and training materials that are highly important to the success of any UAS program.

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